A Holiday Wish List for Perfect Days

If your days were perfect, what would they be like? They might include

 waking in early morning light next to your beloved, passionate about pursuing your missions

 living as if every day were your last

 spending time with a family that is a source of love, renewal, encouragement, and wisdom

 having a home filled with love, light, color, art, books, and music that enlightens, entertains, and inspires everyone who enters it

 sharing simple, varied, beautiful, colorful, delicious, nutritious locally produced food

 filling the day with challenges that inspire your creativity

 loving what you do so much you don’t notice the time

 learning about what excites you and you need to know

 striving to improve whatever you do

 seeing the value of people, information, and experiences to give them the attention they deserve  staying informed about what’s important

 transforming anger about problems into action

 laughing and making others laugh

 balancing desire and necessity; thought and feeling; serving others and yourself; screen time and the rest of your life; work, home, and leisure; planning, flexibility, and spontaneity

 putting short-term goals in the service of long-term achievements with enduring value

 having patience with yourself, others, and life’s problems and obstacles

 being debt-free, meeting your obligations, and saving for the future you’ve planned

 exercising your mind and body

 renewing your sense of wonder at the beauty and grandeur of nature

 understanding your significance in 100 billion galaxies

 having a spiritual practice that brings you peace of mind

 celebrating your achievements

 expressing gratitude through giving and service

 making love as if it were the first time

 ending your day knowing you’ve done all you can as well as you can

 uninterrupted sleep that begins the moment you snuggle your beloved

We hope your days will be as close to perfect as you can make them during the holidays and the new year. Please feel free to share the list. I hope it inspires you and the people you love to make your own lists and share them. The list will always be a work in progress, and I’d like to learn from yours. Happy Holidays!

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