What Editors Really Want

Want to make editors love you and be devoted to you? Here’s how to do it. All editors (and agents) really want is writers who

  • write books with enduring value  that keep getting better
  • love and live to write and serve their readers
  • write as much as they can without sacrificing quality
  • use books and authors they admire as models
  • have literary and publishing goals they are committed to achieving and a plan for doing it
  • are passionate about communicating about their work and themselves
  • have a lifetime’s worth of books they are eager to write and promote
  • have continuing visibility with their fans
  • test-market their work in as many ways as they can
  • are professional in their relationships
  • understand how publishers work and how to work with them
  • submit their work on time and as ready to be published as they can make it
  • know the stars in their field who help them with advice, feedback, quotes, and promotion
  • keep building communities of fans and publishing people
  • take advantage of technology to accelerate their progress
  • assume responsibility for the quality of their work and its success
  • have an agent who mentors them and helps solve problems

If this is too much to ask, just come as close as you can and add the rest later. 

Editors hope that they will love everything they start reading. They love finding new writers they can publish with pride and passion. That’s the best part of their job, because it justifies their existence.

If I left anything out of the list, many thanks in advance in for letting me know.


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