Writing for Change: From Passion to Publication, Part 2

Here is the rest of the road from passion to publication:

Give Voice to Your Ideas

Speaking to groups enables you to get feedback on your ideas and connect with supporters and potential readers.

Endow Yourself With a Higher Form of Authority

When you have a book’s worth of information, and the visibility and plan to promote it, you’re ready to sell your book. Write a proposal with an overview about the book and you, an outline, and a sample chapter. Find an agent or sell it yourself.  A published book will give you instant credibility with anyone. It will bring followers to your banner and opportunties to speak and write.

Communicate with Your Communities

Ask your communities of writers and people in your field to help you write and spread the word about your book. Reciprocate.

Stay Committed to Your Goals

Relentlessly communicating the change you want will help make it happen. You must  persevere and continue to grow in your ability to help your cause.

Expect Resistance

People and institutions tend to change only when the promise of more pleasure or less pain convince them it will be worth the effort. The greater the change you propose, the greater the resistance it will encounter and the longer it will take. But the fall of the wall, the peaceful revolution in South Africa, and the irreversible drive to clean energy prove that anything is possible.

You can accomplish far more than you think you can. Can your life serve a better purpose than trying bring about a change you believe in?

The next post describes two bestsellers that are making a difference.

The Third San Francisco Writing for Change Conference: Writing to Make a Difference / November 13-14, Hilton Financial/Chinatown / www.sfwritingforchange.org / Keynoters: Million-copy selling authors Dan Millman (Way of the Peaceful Warrior) and John Robbins (Diet for a New America)

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