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Brenda Novak and Elizabeth Pomada answer questions and speak about selling your work in the current writers market and the benefits of writing either a genre or a literary book.

Joan Gelfand , a major N.Y. Times bestselling romance novelist, talks with Elizabeth Pomada about succeeding as an author in today's challenging book market. Please, do attend this live teleseminar brought to you by the San Francisco Writers Conference.

Doug ReesLaurie McLean

DOUG REES and LAURIE McLEAN shared their views on the wealth inherent in children's book writing (and the many ways you can define the word "richess".) Doug is an award-winning children's book author (Uncle Pirate, Vampire High and Grandy Thaxter's Helper.) Laurie, his agent, is with Larsen Pomada Literary Agency and has penned three books of her own.

BRITT BRAVO & KEVIN SMOKLER teamed up and proved they are experts in using the Internet and new technology to reach a book-loving audience. Kevin, author of Bookmark Now! Writing in Unreaderly Times, is the founder of Virtual Book Tour. Britt produces Big Vision Podcast and lectures on socially responsible businesses and artists.
Jill Lublin
ALAN RINZLER told listeners why he feels NOW is the best time ever to be a writer. Rinzler is executive editor of Josey-Bass/Wiley and former associate publisher and VP of Rolling Stone. He's worked with facinating and influential authors including Toni Morrison, Hunter Thompson, Clive Cussler, Bob Dylan and Shirley McLaine .
Chris Soth

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Alan Rinzler
CHRIS SOTH explained how a writer can write compelling narrative by using his "Mini-Movie" concept. Use it and your book will be a "page turner". As a bonus, it will also be easy to adapt to the big screen...and what author doesn't dream of that!
Britt BravoKevin Smokler
JILL LUBLIN Shared hundreds of brilliant ideas on building a platform as an author...and urged writers to get started even before their book is completed! Lublin is a "PR Strategist" and the author of Guerilla Publicity and Get Noticed.

speak with JOHN ROTHMANN from KGO radio.
Michael and Elizabeth share valuable information for
writers of any genre and level of expertise. You must listen to this talk.

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